Bethesda Grace is a new church based in Midtown Manhattan

Deep friendships, spiritual passion, and God’s timing led us to launch Bethesda Grace Church in July 2018. Inspired by Central Park's Bethesda Fountain and the Pool of Bethesda in the Gospel of John, we adopted the name Bethesda Grace to capture our sense of purpose in the city. Both the Fountain and the Pool were intended to be places of refreshing and divine healing. Still more, Bethesda means “house of mercy.”

A church is not a place, but a people. And so, by the power of God working through us, we hope to be a “house” where God’s mercy resides abundantly, a “fountain” of God’s restoring grace for all who come. We long to experience the pages of the Bible in our 21st century, embracing both biblical teaching and Holy Spirit power, bold faith and strategic thinking, outward mission and inward connection.

Our greatest desire is to see city-wide and nationwide Christian revival, and that through this, all people would know the incomparable love of God.


"For with God, nothing shall be impossible."

Luke 1:37